Open Meetings & Public Records Law

School boards and school districts are among the most highly regulated of entities. School boards, board committees, school improvement teams, and other public bodies must comply with the rules and principles of North Carolina’s Open Meetings Law and Public Records law. The education law attorneys at Tharrington Smith have a broad range of experience in compliance with rules governing open meetings and closed sessions, retention of public records, board meeting minutes, and responses to public records requests, including electronic data and e-mail. We help school districts navigate these and other issues which have arisen through a changing information landscape that includes electronic communication, cloud computing and records storage, and other topics, including the following:

  • North Carolina Open Meetings Law
  • Parliamentary Procedure / Robert’s Rules of Order
  • North Carolina Public Records Law
  • Records Retention Requirements
  • Electronic Records

We advise and counsel school boards on the effective use of parliamentary procedure as it applies to open meetings, maintenance of traditional and electronic records and compliance with public records rules and retention requirements. We effectively guide school districts toward creating systems that operate on sound legal footing. We utilize our many years of experience in representing school boards to help clients develop efficient practices and procedures, assist in drafting and revising policy, and seek sound decisions in compliance with the law.

Our lawyers are widely respected leaders in the field of education law. We bring highly focused skill and experience to public school boards throughout North Carolina. Passionate about both education and the law, our attorneys are experienced, responsive, and professional. In addition to representation and advice on the open meetings and public records matters described here, the education law team at Tharrington Smith provides the full range of legal services to school boards and other educational institutions. Our lawyers are available to respond to an RFP answering your school board’s legal needs.

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