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School boards lead their school systems primarily through the formulation of written policies and procedures. Through their policies, school boards control such matters as curriculum, school calendars, employee benefits, personnel processes, community involvement, board operations, and student and employee conduct. In addition, state and federal statutes and administrative agencies require school boards to adopt policies on a wide range of subjects including bullying, equal access to school facilities, accommodations for students and staff with disabilities, confidential safety and security plans for school emergencies, and other matters.

Our many years of experience in representing school boards helps us advise our clients on how to comply with these ever-changing legal requirements while promoting local goals with clarity and precision. In addition, our experience in working with federal and state agencies and defending school policies in court gives us a unique perspective on best practices in policy drafting. Through retainer client memos, staff and board training, and our presence at Board meetings when policy matters are discussed, we help keep our retainer clients abreast of the many legal issues that impact their policies and procedures.

We are experienced, responsive, lawyers who are passionate about education. In addition to the policy matters addressed above, the lawyers in our education law section bring highly focused skill and experience to a wide range of legal issues faced by school districts throughout North Carolina. Our lawyers are available to respond to an RFP answering your school board’s legal needs.

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