School Construction, Purchase & Finance

Public school systems typically are the largest or one of the largest business operations in their home counties. School districts often enter and administer multi-million dollar contracts to build or renovate facilities and to purchase or lease computer equipment or other expensive infrastructure. They also regularly enter many other, smaller, contracts covering everything from yearbook publishing to highly regulated areas such as special educational services. Our lawyers have the expertise to guide school districts through the many legal issues associated with the planning, design, and construction of school facilities and to draft, revise, and negotiate contracts to protect school district’s legal interests . In those unfortunate cases where problems arise in building construction or other contractual relationships, we provide vigorous advocacy in litigation or other dispute resolution processes to help ensure that our clients’ interests are protected and their rights are fully afforded.

In contrast with private business, school boards must comply with state law that governs public bidding, purchasing, and the disposition of real and personal property on behalf of public bodies. Our many years of experience in these areas allows us to help our school district clients make efficient business decisions that comply with these legal requirements.

Finally, school system operating budgets are large and complex, with multiple funding sources and varying requirements. We help school boards make sound decisions about revenue sources and spending requirements in federal programs, personnel, instructional programs, and other areas.

The broad spectrum of construction, purchase & finance law services we offer in the educational arena include:

  • North Carolina’s School Budget and Fiscal Control Act
  • Contract Review & Negotiation
  • School Construction Contracts
  • School Construction Law – Legal Updates and Client Counseling
  • School Construction Law – Claims & Litigation
  • Public Bidding Laws and Processes
  • Pre-Audit Requirements
  • Joint Use Agreements on the Shared Use of School System Property
  • Memoranda of Understanding with Government Agencies or Non-Profits
  • Charter School Funding Requirements

Our lawyers are widely considered leaders in the field of education law. We bring highly focused skill and experience to public school districts throughout North Carolina. Passionate about both education and the law, our education lawyers are experienced, responsive, and professional. In addition to the construction, purchase, and finance issues described above, the education law team at Tharrington Smith provides a full range of legal services to school districts and other educational institutions. Our lawyers are available to respond to an RFP answering your school board’s legal needs.

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