Student Matters

Our school clients seek to serve the diverse needs of students through innovative programs that include small and alternative schools, online learning, advanced placement courses, support for limited English proficient families, and support for students with behavioral and emotional needs. Boards also must address student conduct and safety in a way that respects the rights of all students to an education and to an orderly and effective learning environment.

The education law section at Tharrington Smith has helped guide school boards through thousands of matters surrounding student issues in the standard educational environment. Our lawyers have advised school boards in developing policies and procedures that prevent many others from occurring, not just now, but long into the future. It is the goal of our lawyers to help school boards understand their obligations to students and to consistently and fairly carry out those obligations in compliance with the law.

Our attorneys offer a full spectrum of service and support to school districts throughout North Carolina. Where student issues are specifically concerned, our education lawyers offer guidance and representation in matters including:

  • Student Discipline
  • Student/Parent Grievances
  • Student Searches & Seizures
  • Seclusion & Restraint
  • Special Education Issues
  • Student Assignment & School Transfers
  • Homeless Students
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Sexual Harassment and Gender-based Discrimination
  • FERPA and Student Record Confidentiality Issues
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Federal Investigations, including Investigations by the Office for Civil Rights of the US Department of Education concerning limited English proficient students and families, racially disproportionate discipline, the role of law enforcement in schools, and other matters
  • Other specific and miscellaneous matters

Tharrington Smith’s education law attorneys combine experience and legal savvy with a passion for education. We maintain a diverse culture of legal skill for the benefit of school board clients throughout North Carolina. In addition to student matters, the education law team at Tharrington Smith provides a full range of legal services to public school boards throughout the state. We are available to respond to your RFP and answer your school boards legal support needs.

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